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Hi luakt,

The VCC avatars that ship with Vizard are not editable due to terms set by the company that provided them. However, it is certainly possible to create your own avatars.

We sell a set of avatars called "Vizard Complete Characters," which the included characters are examples of. The package contains both the exported versions of the models and all their source files in 3ds max format. The uncollapsed PSDs for the textures are included as well.

CFG files are actually plain text files that gather up the names and locations of all the various parts of the avatars: CSF (skeleton), CAF (animations), CMF (meshes), CRF (materials). They can be opened in any plain text editor, such as notepad. I am not aware of any plugins that allow cal3d files to be imported into modeling programs such as 3ds max.

To export your own cal3d avatars or add to existing ones for which you have the source files, you can follow this tutorial:

While the tutorial uses an avatar skinned with the physique modifier, the skin modifier works equally well. Also, be aware that not all features of skin/physique are currently supported by the cal3d format.
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