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THe reason for us recommending 3D Studio Max (or alternatively Maya) is simply that those are the most common software packages in the market for 3D modeling for real time use.

they are for example used by many movie companies for animating characters for famous movies and computer games.

next to those software tools being commonly used, the other reason why we recommend them is because we use them ourselves and can give good support if there are problems. there simply is a well-established workflow, which we support.

as far as other tools go, we don't know very much about them, and we do NOT have experience with an established workflow out of those other tools.

if you want to experiment with any of the other tools, feel free to do so, but please keep in mind that we are NOT expert with those tools and we will NOT debug problems that happen when using those tools.
If you use those tools, you are on your own for such experiments.

That said, I have seen a discussion on this forum some time back with someone using "blender" for animation and export into Vizard. If might be worth for you to research for this discussion thread. I think it was still with Vizard 2.5.
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