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Smile Regarding 3 Walled Projection queries

Hi Jeff,
I want the display settings for 3 walled projection,earlier i used two walled projection with the ' ' attached,i want to use this vizconnect for a 3 walled projection and also the contents which was on 2 walled projections was looking good(Unstretched) but when i used it on 3 walled the contents and model got strecthed and looks crooked.
Request you to pls provide me a vizconnect for a 3 walled projection so that content should be tracked nicely.
And the other behaviour is that ,the glove(Wand Tracker)was tracked nicely and but in 3 walled the glove (wand tracker) is tracked somewhere and the gloves goes somewhere else.

-Is there any settings to be changed in vizconnect for a 3 walled projection ?
-Is there the wand tracker setting to be changed in case of wand tracker for a 3 walled projection?

The cameras Position( Total 4 Cameras):
-2 cameras together at one corner
-1 camera at one corner and 1 camera at other corner

-The above was used for 2 walled projection(and was working fine for hand tracker and head tracker)
-The same above i m also using for a 3 walled projection projection.but the tracker is tracked somewhere else and the glove goes somewhere else.

-Is that the cameras positions to be changed for a 3 walled projection?
-What can be probable and correct camera set up position configuration? for a 3 walled projection?

Jeff,pls assist me the solutions for both the query:
-Regarding '' for a 3 walled projection.
-Regarding the cameras position at corners, so that the (hand and head) trckers work propery in syn with content.

Waiting for ur reply.
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