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MAX file settins?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the suggestion. I've just tried this and whilst the MAX view is updated when the TGA file is updated, it's not mapping correctly onto the model (the face is on the arm etc)

I've just opened the 'Raw Versions and OBJ/casual01_m_highpoly.max' file and made no other changes (although MAX complained that the original was an old file format version and updated it)

NB I *don't* have photoshop but I'm using ArtWeaver to edit the TGA file. It has file save optoins of 24/32 bit and also a compress (RLE) setting. I've tried these and although the mapping changes, it is still not correctly oriented to the mesh.

Do you have any other suggestions. I'm assuming the TGA needs saving in a particular way, or perhaps I need to delete and then reapply the TGA using the material editor?

Many thanks,

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