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Hi Farshizzo,

I don't think the group method helps. It has the same problem.
Just to clarify what I meant, here is a sample code:

import viz

outer_tube = viz.add("outer_tube_97_m.wrl")
# rotate around original 0,0,0 center
print 'first position:', outer_tube.getpos(viz.ABSOLUTE_WORLD)
# don't want this next call to change position of object until next
# rotate call is made,0,0)
print 'second position:', outer_tube.getpos(viz.ABSOLUTE_WORLD)

Notice first position and second position are different.
I would like second position to be equal to first after .center call.
In other words, I would like to prevent the object from moving
in any way upon call.
I would like it to move only when rotate or translate functions are called.

Thanks for the help so far ,
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