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The error window that couldn't

Okay, here's the deal:

I have a Vizard script that works perfectly in "testing" mode, ie, when it is just issued a viz.go()

When I take it out of "testing" mode to try it with the headmount, the script doesn't run -- the only script difference is that instead of viz.go(), I issue this:

posTracker = viz.addsensor('vizppt')
oriTracker = viz.addsensor('intersense')

...When I run this, a window whose title is "Error" pops up on the screen. I can't see its contents because it's always covered by the "Loading..." window. See attached picture.

I've tried get the "Error" window out from undearneath the "Loading..." window in a variety of ways to see the error message, but to no avail; it's always covered.

Our other scripts work just fine with the above tracking code. We are using vizard 2.12, by the way.
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