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Hello farshizzo,

Thanks for you ideas. I ha considered using a html page with a static image, but ran into two things which I didn't like. First is generation of the static image. I wanted something that would run directly in Vizard, so I wouldn't need any additional admin work to do when adding a new scene. Secondly, I think it is useful for a viewer to see the floormap from the perspective of the cave, so if the cave rotates, the floormap will rotate with it. In this manner you could more easily relate the floormap to what you see in the cave (especially useful for large scenes that wouldn't fit on the tablet at once).

These two things combined led me to believe that using a static image as floormap wouldn't be useful enough.

Using Vizard rendering would require mouse move events, since I would like to be able to move objects around when touching the screen. For now I'll stick to my WPF application and wait for the next release!
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