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Um, on our end, it won't crash in 24-bit color mode, but it also won't display anything (ie the display window is entirely black; it won't show the geometry, nor will it fill the view window to be the 'clearcolor'.)

We can live with the Matrox card acting weird; we're more concerned with getting the projects we had going in v1.x usable in 2.x. The latest hurdles are:

1. In v1.0x, we had a scene which had to load 256 uniques textures that were shades of gray ranging from RGB (0,0,0) to (256, 256, 256). But the texture limit now seems to be capped at 200, so this scene doesn't work properly. Can we circumvent this limit? (I seem to remember someone else bringing this issue up, but couldn't find it on the board-- apologies if I've recycled an old issue).

2. We have another scene set to be viewed in 'stereo' mode whereby the FOV seems to differ between v1.098 and v2.10. I can flip back and forth between the versions, and even though they're running the same script, the FOV appears smaller in the newer version. (We do have a line to explicitly set the FOV in the code, so this came as a surprise; we initialize it to 50deg with the aspect ratio of 1.333.)
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