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Re: a scene crashing on one computer but not our others,

I commented out all of the code except for a few viz() initialization functions and the part where it loads a chunk of geometry. Two of our machines can run the scene just fine in either v2.08 or v1.08. The 3rd machine is only able to run it in v1.08.

On the troubled computer in v2.08, I dotted a few 'print' statements throughout the script, and they all show up; so it's not that the script is getting halfway down the code and crashing.

I'm not sure what it is about the geometry that makes the computer crash. For sake of fiddling with things, if I move the texture maps to the wrong spot (so that when it loads the .VRML file it can't find any of the graphics), the scene works-- well, sort of. If you leave the screen stationary, it will continue to render the (now untextured) geometry in the .VRML file. While in this state, pressing F2 (fullscreen) and F4 (frame rate) work, but pressing F3 (change geometry rendering) causes a crash, as does moving/rotating the viewpoint to an appreciable degree or resizing the rendering window by dragging the window edge.

If you need me to do any more experimentation, let me know
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