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Viewpoint transforms

In the middle of our keyboard-handling definition is the following:

elif key == '65366': # Page Down
viz.translate (viz.HEAD_POS, 0, -0.1, 0)
elif key == '65365': # Page Up
viz.translate (viz.HEAD_POS, 0, 0.1, 0)

(There are indentations before those viz.translate() functions, but they aren't showing up due to the formatting here.)

Anyway, this works fine when our code doesn't initialize any tracking systems, but when our trackers are enabled, pressing the key has the effect of seeming to translate the user's position before immediately snapping them back to where the tracker is reporting they are. Funny, because I thought I was able to transform the viewpoint like this earlier. Do you have a suspicion what it might be? (I can paste more of the code, if you need it.)

Also, we have a script that runs fine on two machines, but not on another-- I'll see if I can determine what is making things crash by commenting out portions of the code until it works again.
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