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hi jeff, yes it works
but i wanted to do a function where i can load it directly from my application

this is the code i found in the vizard resources

#Update raw pattern every frame

def SavePattern():
"""Displays save dialog for creating pattern from largest raw marker"""
if camera.largestMarker is not None:
parent = win32ui.CreateWindowFromHandle(viz.window.getHandl e())
dlg = win32ui.CreateFileDialog(0,None,None,0,None,parent )
if dlg.DoModal() == win32con.IDOK:
camera.savePattern(dlg.GetPathName(),camera.larges tMarker)

#Save current pattern when spacebar is pressed
vizact.onkeyup(' ',SavePattern)

i want to do the same thing for loading the saved pattern
for example, press ctrl+w to load pattern
but i dont have any idea how to do it because i never used python before
can you provide me any clue on how to do it jeff ? pseudocode is okay too.
i'll try to figure it out, thanks for the reply. really appreciate it
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