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hand model features?

We're using 5DT data gloves, which work nicely with Vizard. A couple questions:

Might there be any support for finger adduction (spreading) in Vizard 3? The higher-end data gloves report adduction values between each pair of fingers.

Also, I like the "constant calibration" feature, where the glove range of motion is collected at all times instead of requiring a calibration step. However, there are some situations where a knuckle sensor reads a value that is more bent than the fingers can do, and from that point on, the virtual hand never achieves full bend. Is there a way to reset or reduce the calibrated range of motion, so the user can get the full "normal" range again?

Is there a way to ask the sensor for a given fingertip model's world position through forward-kinematics? I'm hoping to work with finger gestures like "fingerpainting" and pushing virtual buttons. I know the virtual hand model may not match the real finger due to all the issues with hand sensors, but I want the virtual hand model positions that the user sees.
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