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reply to Question about virtualizing Vizard -- Parallels?

You asked if anyone had any experience using vizard with parallels....

In short I have a somewhat positive experience to report.

Here are some details: I was at the Mac Store about 2 weeks ago. I asked the store people to show me a machine with parallels on it. They took me to a big iron desktop machine. I tried to install the vizard demo thing, it needed some sort of password which a Mac store person typed in for me. I had the vizard demo running in minutes. It worked fine. I hit the f4 (or was it f3?) button to get frame rate but this button was not behaving like a window$ machine. No one in the mac store knew how to make it work so as to give me frame rate. Nonetheless, it looked pretty smooth to me. Thus, despite what the common received wisdom I have heard (i.e. "Oh, no, don't try parallels or VMWare, you must use the much faster bootcamp approach to running Window$ on your mac if you want a decently fast vizard") this seems to (weekly) suggest that at least a big iron (sorry I don't remember the precise details) desktop mac is plenty fast to run vizard virtually.

I am keenly interested in running vizard using parallels for *development* purposes. No worries if it is too slow to, e.g., run an HMD. Does anyone have any good or bad experiences running vizard using parallels on a mac laptop?
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