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Question about virtualizing Vizard

I'm having some trouble running Vizard on my Macbook, and I was hoping to get some input from you wise folks. I have Windows XP Pro installed on my Boot Camp partition, and when I boot into Windows, Vizard works just fine. However, what I'd really like to do is run Vizard from VMWare so I don't have to reboot just to run this sofware.

The problem is, while I can open Vizard fine, when I try to run a script I receive the following error message:

Producer::VisualChooser: unable to setup a valid visual with WGL extensions, switching to compatibility mode

My computer has a 2.2 GHz Core2Duo processor and 4GB of ram, so I don't think it's a resources issue. Does anyone have any ideas how I might be able to get around this? I don't care if scripts run at top framerate or anything; I'm using Vizard on my laptop primarily for development. Thanks!
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