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Reset Inspector Option?

As you've noticed from all my posts, I'm playing around a lot with the new Inspector. And in all that play, I've really been screwing up the settings.
Can you include a reset or have the inspector reset between new models being loaded?
Perhaps a 'Reset Inspector' button similar to the reset button Max has, so we can undo all the horrible things we forget about after a day of tweaking?

For instance, it seems that previous settings in my inspector carried over to my next session next session, overriding the current models shader effects because I was playing around with View->Lighting and View->Effects and happened to disable specular highlights. The next day, I forgot about all these changes to the system, not expecting them to propagate between fast tests in Max.
This took me about 15 minutes of frustration to figure out (and another ten minutes messing with the export settings to see if I screwed them up again).

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