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Hi Farshizzo,

I get the same values as you do. both x axis the same and both y the same.

But this is wrong.

If you run the code you will see what i mean. If you look at a picture on the wall. Then tilt by 90 degrees, because the viewpoints are looking at different things one picture will end up lower in the viewport and one will end up higher. Try it, you should see what i mean.

What i think we need is something like a 1 x 1 pixel window that handles all the x,y,z - h,p,r information then 2 clones at full size that are looking at different angles (-20 left and +20 Right). I know this can be done in Performer because that is what we have runninb on the HMD at the moment.

I think the key thing is that both windows aren't showing the same area of the image but, as we have just demonstrated both windows are rotating about the same point.

Imagine it as tilting your eyeballs instead of tilting your head.


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