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Hi Farshizzo,

Yes i will do that tomorrow. I am in the UK and it is 9.30pm so i'm not at work.

Maybe it is to do with the modifications i made to the FOV - i haven't got the code with me at the moment and i can't remember exactly what i did.

I think i changed this bit (changes in brackets)

VERT_FOV = 50 (67)
HORZ_FOV = 50 (67)* 1.3
HORZ_2_VERT_ASPECT = 1.0 (1.3)
IPD = 0.1 (0.06)

and this bit

UpperLeftWindow.fov(50(67), HORZ_2_VERT_ASPECT)
UpperRightWindow.fov(50(67), HORZ_2_VERT_ASPECT)

However i could be wrong. I will check everything in the morning and get back to you.

What does the angle bit do within mytimer? can't figure it out.

Thanks again for your help. Appreciated

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