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I'll try and explain...

Each viewpoint rolls on it's own independant axis. This would be fine for 100% overlap beacuse both viewpoints are showing the same thing and have a common centre axis.

However with the 50% overlap each viewpoint has a slightly different image and when they rotate independantly it causes the stereo image to 'split' Imagine 2 pieces of paper on the desk, that are overlapped by 50%, if you rotate each one independantly about it's own centre axis then they don't lie on top of each other anymore. But if you see the two pieces of paper as one large piece of paper, you would need to rotate it from the 'large' piece of papers cetre axis to keep it the same shape. I apologise if this sound patronising.. i can't think of another way to explain it!

What i think needs to happen is that the pivot point for the tracker needs to be offset 25% towards the right for the left eye and 25% towards the left for the right eye. But i don't know how to do it.
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