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Hi John,

When adding objects in vizard you can add them to either the WORLD, HEAD, or SCREEN. By default vizard adds them to the WORLD. The 2 is simply adding it to the second scene. The reason other scripts don't work with this is because the other objects are being added to scene 1, which is the default. I thought about this and there is no reason to be using a second scene in this example. Change the following line:
room = viz.add('../vrmls/gallery.wrl', viz.WORLD, 2)
room = viz.add('../vrmls/gallery.wrl')
Also remove the following two lines:
Now it should work with other scripts.

As for your other problem. The viewpoints are being modified independently, but they are using the same data. So they should be tilting upon the same axis. What problems are you experiencing?
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