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Hi - joining here with a couple of questions farshizzo - we will be using Pastscapian's model in Vizard - exported through 3DsMax - thanks for the help so far. We have just purchased Vizard and are still getting up to speed - could you clarify a couple of points for me please. Why do we need spatial hierarchies if Vizard only renders what is on screen. Is there a speed advantage for Vizard in working out which part of a smaller model is in view? In some scenes there could be over 200,000 polygons in view at once in the model as it is. Will a better graphics card help here or does everything start grinding to a halt above 200,000. Can Vizard move seamlessly between hierarchies/models? Does it render all parts of every model in view - ie if you are in one model but can see through a doorway to another. Thanks
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