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1) The best format to export to would be Vizards native OSG format. There are OSG exporters for 3dsMax and Blender. OBJ should work for simple models though.

2) The max polygon count depends on the computer/graphics card being used. If you need real-time rates then it would be best to keep the polygon count under 200,000

3) The textures don't need to be the same size, but you need to make sure that the texture dimensions are a power of two. Also, most graphics cards have a maximum texture size of 4096, so an individual texture cannot exceed this. Again, the total recommended size of all the textures depends on the graphics card. We were recently able to fit a 50000 x 6000 size texture on a graphics card with 256 MB by splitting up the textures into 2048 x 2048 size tiles. So you can definitely put a lot of texture on modern cards.
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