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Thank you for the chapter, looks interesting!

My background is in social psychology and so is the nature of this research, so please attack me with that area ! I'm doing research on how to make a virtual agent more trustworthy. The nature of the 'interaction' with the agent is that participants have to play risky games with the agent (investment game and a route planner game). The whole idea is to measure trust in the agent. In a previous study, I have used mimicry successfully as one strategy to increase trust. However, that agent did not maintain eye contact. Now, I want to test the interaction between eye-contact en mimicry. So do mimicry and eye-contact both add to trust, or is one or another enough to increase trust?

I have found some sources about increasing trust with eye gaze/eye-contact, although it was mostly with humans, and not avatars/agents. So if you know some sources in that area, I would be most interested in them.
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