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Hi Iva,

Thanks for your reply! I do not use eye-tracking in my experiment (and don't have the equipment to do so), although I want participants to experience eye contact with a virtual agent. The way I'm accomplishing this right now is to have the agent face the participant, and the agent either looks straight ahead (thus making eye-contact when the participant looks at the agent), or averts its eyes. Have a look at the script attached to this message to see how I handle blinking and looking away behavior. For the looking away behavior, I take a random float between -15 & +15 for the yaw, and -10 & +10 for the pitch. The eye moves every 2-6 seconds. I don't know if these settings produce humanlike looking away behavior, but I'm pretty pleased with the result so far. If you have any suggestions to improve the parameters, let me know.

Do you have any reference for the percentages of maintaining and breaking eye-contact? If have seen some, but they distinguish between listening to someone and talking.

The blinking behavior I use is from here. Do you have a reference for the time between blinks and their duration? With this information, I could improve the eye-blinking behavior of my agent.

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