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1. I want to add an "menu" with the info-class.

For example the users should be able to select certain properties for the ball (size, material ...)

As I don't want to lose too much time getting worked in wxpython (if it's not necessary) I would like to use the vizinfo class.

Is it possible to change the vizard icon that "produces" the info-class "box"? Because for the ball properties I want a ball, for the glider a glider logo, so users can easy discriminate...

2. As collidemesh has problems with scaled objects, do

collidesphere(radius) and collidebox(width,height,depth)

with the params of the new (scaled) object, do also have problems?

3. Right now I'm having problems importing a coil into vizard with a reflection-texture from 3D-Studio. In 3DStudio it looks fine, in vizard it does not show the reflection-texture. (I get no error telling me the jpg-file is missing...). I tried the formats 3ds and wrl.

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