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@background-image: posted the quote wrong so you might not have seen my reply:
You wrote: Try setting the draw order of the quad to -1.

I wrote:
Tried this before, but then the background-Image is behind the room, so this will not help.

@Visible of info-class: Sample Code

info1 = vizinfo.add('Options33')
#Add some GUI items to the info box
slider2 = info1.add(viz.SLIDER,'A slider:')
button2 = info1.add(viz.BUTTON,'A button:')
checkbox2 = info1.add(viz.CHECKBOX,'A checkbox')
radio2 = info1.add(viz.RADIO,0,'A radio button:')
radio3 = info1.add(viz.RADIO,0,'A radio button:')
#Make the label for the slider red

Both visible-commands did not work...

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