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This is my first post in this forum.
I`m new to Vizard so i hope you all can help me.
I`m now try to make treadmile as my plugin for my Vizard project.
I only want to take the data for z+ axis to make pedestrian move forward.
I already tried severel times but failed.
I dont really understand the details about step 2.
Can someone teach me the details about step 2?

Step 2:

Open the project files. If you don't have Visual Studio then create a Win32 DLL project and add the files main.cxx and sensors.h to it. Fill in the functions outlined in main.cxx. When you compile your program make sure the extension for your dll is .dls. Put your new plugin in the [VIZARD_PATH]/plug-ins directory, where [VIZARD_PATH] is the location of your Vizard installation.

I dont have much experience about Visual Studio or compile.
So it`ll be great if someone can send me pm about this details.
And screen saver can make me more understand.
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