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Dear Jeff

thank you very much! I followed your instructions and it worked.

However two new problems occured:

1-it seems like the orientation axes are misconfigured because If I try to look up the camera doesn't revolve around the X axis but it actually rolls like if it was on the Z axis. The yaw rotation on the other hand works properly.

2-I can't manage to set the height of the viewpoint. The MainView remains on the ground level even if I use the viz.eyeheight or viz.MainView.setPosition commands

here's the code:

import Config
import InertialLabs
import SonyHMD
import viz
import viztracker

hmd = SonyHMD.HMZT1()
myILSensor = InertialLabs.addSensor(port=Config.COM_PORT)
tracker = viztracker.KeyboardPos()
head6DoFTracker = viz.mergeLinkable(tracker, myILSensor)
headlink =, viz.MainView)


viz.add('scenario/stanza4.dae',pos=(0, 0.06, 0), euler=(0,0,0), scale=(0.0254]*3))
viz.MainView.setPosition(0, 1.4, 0)

best regards,
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