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By default the visibility of the dialog components are turned off unless added to a TabPanel. When using a task function, you can use the show method to display the dialog and wait for a button event. The TickerDialog section has a short example. The following turns the visibility of the components on in a standard panel:

import viz
import vizdlg

# ticker dialog and standard panel
s1 = vizdlg.TickerDialog(label='Circle',units='pixels',range=(1,5,1),editable=True,border=False,background=False,margin=0)
s2 = vizdlg.TickerDialog(label='Crosshair',units='pixels',range=(1,5,1),editable=True,border=False,background=False,margin=0)
s3 = vizdlg.TickerDialog(label='Border',units='pixels',range=(1,5,1),editable=True,border=False,background=False,margin=0)

row = vizdlg.Panel(layout=vizdlg.LAYOUT_HORZ_BOTTOM,border=False,background=False,margin=0)
is1 = row.addItem(s1)
is2 = row.addItem(s2)
is3 = row.addItem(s3)

myPanel = vizdlg.Panel(align=vizdlg.ALIGN_CENTER)
myPanel.addItem(row), myPanel)
Thanks for the documentation comments and suggestions. Regarding the vizconfig docs, I'll make a note to add an updated image and some examples to the installation.
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