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Unhappy TickerDialog not showing


I was in need of a number input option, ideally to be placed into menu. A progress bar was not precise enough for the range +/-50 and at least .5 precision. After trying a Textbox and fighting with input filtering I stumbled across the TickerDialog. Alas not possible to include it in the menu bar as it seems.
  • I'd very much like to see the TickerDialog functionality somehow added to the menu system.

Then I thought that it would not add too much clicking when I add it to a temporary panel. I tried the example with three dialogs on three different tabs of a TabPanel which works as it should. Though I want to be able to change e.g. all coordinates at the same time, so I tried a GridPanel. The size exceeds when adding TickerDialogs, but they ain't showing. Same with the normal panel. They won't show even if there is just one TickerDialog in use.
  • Please tell me where I go wrong
  • Or, if I'm not wrong, please fix it.

Thanks, Walter
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