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Adding morphs from FaceGen in peoplemaker

Hi all,

I'm trying to import the morphs that are produced by FaceGen to Vizard head. These morphs are .wrl files. When I use the option open -> import morphs in Peoplemaker, the standard option is to open a .vzf file. However, I want to import morphs for the current .vzf I opened in Peoplemaker. When I change the files of type to all files, and I select the .wrl file, nothing happens (e.g. no morph is imported to Peoplemaker).

Now, I think I have to create a .vzf of all the .wrl files I want to add morphs from. When I do file -> open -> open file and I select one of the .wrl morph files, then the morph is opened in Peoplemaker. When I save this face as a .vzf, open the original face, import the newly created morph, and use tools -> create morph target, I get the error 'Encountered geometric components with different number of vertices. Cannot extract morph targets.'. Can someone give some tips to get this working?
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