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Hi There,

I can only answer the first part of your question:

"1.I`m currently using VIZARD 3 right now.If VIZARD 4 officially release do i have to buy new vizard license to use this VIZARD 4?Or do i just can download the installer and reinstall my software now?"

The vizard R4 installer will install separate from your R3 version and your R3 version of vizard will still run fully functional with the R4 beta version installed.

so there should be no problem with keeping using R3 and evaluating R4 at the same time.

as soon as R4 is released, all customers with a valid support contract get free version upgrade, i.e. they get free upgrade to Vizard R4.

Customers without a support contract will need to renew their support contract from the time when it was expired. if it was expired for more then a year, they will need to pay a 1-year support penalty to buy back into a support contract and get the free upgrade to R4.
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