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Adding environment reflection maps to imported objects with baked lighting


I have some objects that I would like to add environment reflection maps to OSGB imported objects that have baked lighting. I have no issue baking lighting into a shell material and exporting into Vizard as an OSGB from 3ds Max. My problem comes when I attempt to apply a reflection map dynamically to the object via scripting.

Here's my attempt:
self.cubemaps = []

def addCubemapToVizObject(self, target, level=0):
	if level < range(len(self.cubemaps)):
		target.texture(self.cubemaps[level], unit=1)
		target.appearance(viz.ENVIRONMENT_MAP, unit=1)
		target.texblend(0.5, unit=1)
I can't seem to see the environment map at all, and I'm not sure I'm going about it correctly. I can create a basic sphere object and follow this tutorial:

That achieves expected results, but something is different when I start playing with imported objects. Any help?
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