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Move an object on four screen

Hey everyone, I wanna show four screens on four displays.

I created four screens like that:

Camera_01_Window = viz.addWindow()
Camera_01_Window_View = viz.addView()
Camera_01_Window.setPosition([EixoXPositionCamera_01, EixoYPositionCamera_01])
Camera_01_Window.setSize(EixoXCamera_01,EixoYCamer a_01)

I can't move an object separately. My object should be positioned in a different position on each display

Exemple: In the first screen only a part of the object will be shown on the right corner, so the another part will be shown on the left corner of the second screen. I've tried do the implementation using "setPositon" and "Move", but all object are moved together. I would be grateful if you could help me.

I hope someone can help,
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