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table issues

Hi farshizzo.
Could you please help me out again? thanks in advance.

several weeks ago, you taught me how to make a pop-up table in Vizard. and you said it was an undocumented module. I tried to get a space to put a picture link so that I can show the table I want but I failed. My table is like the following:

(input field)
Attrbute 1 Attrbute 5
(input field) (input field)
Attrbute 2 Attrbute 6
(input field) (input field)
Attrbute 3
(input field)
Attrbute 4
(input field)

(accept butten) (infer butten) (cancel butten)

I need to make this table dragable and the size can be changed like a normal window in WinXP because I need to put it on the left side of the screen. and also I need it transparent so that I can see the avatars behind it. In addition , how can I make a screen shot in Vizard? I really need to make it reach my requirement. So please help me out.
If someone else can help me this, I also appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
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