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I cannot answer this specific lag question -
have you tried your HMD yet with Track-IR?

from my tests (and that was with a version of Track IR a few years ago, and with a lower end HMD than the Sony) the Track IR was working reasonably well in a limited range in front of the sensor (camera).

in general, for head orientation tracking, we find that in order to get a good VR experience, this needs to be very smooth and stutter free and with as little lag as possible. this is why we use for almost all our integrated solutions either intertial/magnetic orientation trackers (like Intersense, InertialLabs, xSense, Trivisio, etc.). Also electromagnetic trackers are good for that reason like Polhemus.

For position, we at Worldviz have our own camera based large area position tracker system called PPT ( ) which you are probably aware of. However, such a system is a completely different price point than Track IR, its much more expensive, and it's normally used to smoothly and accurately track whole and large rooms for free walking around (10m by 10m or more).

But, thinking down your lines, i.e to produce a cheap, still highly performing solution, we have developed the WIRKS system
( ) which sells for $2990 and includes the Sony HMD, an InertialLabs orientation sensor (which we physically integrate with the Sony HMD, so that it's not in the way and there is only one cable), and a Microsoft Kinect for position tracking of head and hands.
We combine this with a version of our software Vizard that's filtering / piecing together the data.

The WIRKS solution gives a surprisingly smooth immersive experience (see movies at the bottom).
So we can say with confidence that for a limited volume (about 2m x 3m) the Kinect combined with a high end motion sensor is an acceptable solution for immersive virtual reality.

I reallize that this post does not exactly answer your question about how to integrate the mouse movement for head movement and i hope someone else helps out on that end. but i just wanted to post what my experiences are with those respective systems.

have fun!
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