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Here is a link that will show you how to get a 3DMeNow head into peoplemaker where you can create a vzf file to use in Vizard.

Once you have the vzf file here is the code to replace the avatar head

#First, add the avatar and the head:

body = viz.addAvatar('vcc_male.cfg')
head = viz.addFace( 'biohead_all_morph.vzf' ) 

#Then, add the face to the avatar.

body.setFace( head ) 

#If you have trouble adding the head to your avatar
#you may need to first specify the head bone 
#and then the neck bone

#Specify the head and neck bones of your avatar.
body.setFace( head, 'Bip01 Head', 'Bip01 Neck' )

if you using one of the Complete Characters you will also need to add this line to the cfg file.

head_mesh = NameOfHeadMesh.cmf

where NameOfHeadMesh.cmf is specific to the avatar you are using
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