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Best way to import map data from 3ds Max

I want to to position lots of different objects in my world.... This is mainly because I want shiny textures on certain objects and shadows being cast from one object to another (so I can't import them in as a single VRML object)

What is the best way to get different objects in and position them properly in a world. I was thinking perhaps I could simply make the objects in 3ds max then export single objects (maintaining the same origin) and then import them all to vizard.

This is okay for static objects, but if I want to do things with the object it will be difficult having this weird local coordinate system. Is there a good way to position objects in a world in 3ds max then import the locations to vizard.

an easy (but laborious) solution is simply to get the world coordinates of the object w/in 3ds max in a map then manually apply translate in vizard. I don't really want to do this though.
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