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Importing Avatar heads into Vizard or 3DSMax

(I am using 3DMeNow Professional 2)
I have tried all of the following thingss:
1. exporting 3DMeNow avatar head as a VRML file.
2.downloadind the
3.creating output file & placing that in [VIZPATH]/avatar folder along with 3DMeNow textures
4. When i run the script from you example:
import viz
import Avatar


Bob = Avatar.Person()

Bob.replaceHead(3) #This will load face_3.txt
I get a blank head i.e. i get a body & neck but no head

then i tried doing the following
1. exporting the 3DMeNow head as a bio file
2. Importing the bio file in vizard - can't do this as i get the following error:
"No appropriate import module found"
"Improper fiel format"

Please respond, as i need to get this done as quickly as possible
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