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Smile Regarding changing &using multiple tools at same time through vizconnect

Hi Jeff,
I have a demo of a JET VR.
In the demo i have used highlighter and sucessfully called onHighLight Event and achieved successfully.
How after using highlighter on 3D parts i have to use the Grabber tool and some tools mentioned in the tools section of vizconnect.
But i am not able to the grabber tools at the same with highlighter,but when i remove highlighter from vizconnect,i am able to use the grabber alone.

Some questions in my mind,which i need to understand:

1)Does vizard support one tool usage at one time thru vizconnect?
2)How to use multiple tools at the same time thru vizconnect programmitically?
3)How to change one tool and then use the other and vice versa one at a time thru vizconnect programmitically?

Request you to pls assist me JEFF.

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma
Xenium Digital Pvt ltd,Mumbai
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