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For me I changed it to .osgb format and from there I found the node in the inspector that has the corresponding animation (that had the name "Drawer_5") and then grabbed that node with the <3dmodel>.getChild() method and set the state to 1. You can see all of the states, that is animations, in the inspector for the corresponding node. For example for this node there were two states ("0 - [none]" and "1 - Take 001") which are indexed for you (0,1,2 etc.) in the inspector. Maybe this is not what you are looking for but I didn't find anything about this in the Vizard documentation.
drawer = vizfx.addChild("drawer.osgb")#Load a drawer 3D model to the scene
animation = drawer.getChild('Drawer_5')#grab the node that has the animations
animation.state(1)#set it to whatever animation that is within that node
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