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DeprecationWarning when running a yield statement


I am working on this script where I run a task, wait for the user to give a mouse response and store the reaction time. Below is the task:

def example_trial():
    response = viz.Data()
    startTime = viz.tick()
    yield viztask.waitMouseDown( None, response )
    print 'response at: ', viz.tick() 
    reactionTime = response.time - startTime
    print reactionTime

but when it comes to the yield line it gives me this warning, and I can't figure out what it means and how to fix it

DeprecationWarning: "data" option will be removed in future versions, use "[data] = yield [condition]" instead
  yield viztask.waitMouseDown( None, response )
P.S. I have run the same code with a previous Vizard version and then I didn't get the warning
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