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pattie 08-26-2006 12:05 PM

Use of 5DT Ultra left handed glove
Hey Vizard Gurus :-)

I spent my whole day trying to use a 5DT Ultra glove. It looks my code work. But I do not get the results I expect. I just realized, from using a test routine to visualize the glove as I move my fingers, that the glove does not respond accordingly. For example, when I move the ring finger, the glove does not seem to respond. I have used the auto calibration tool from 5DT, but I am still having the problem.

Any suggestion welcome.

PS: Below, part of the code I am using, after initializing the glove and the gesture list.


def changeSlides(num):
gesture = int(sensor.get()[-1])
if gesture == 0:
print 'in fist'
if gesture == 1:
#Index point
print 'in index point'
#if gesture == 8:
#Little finger point
#print 'in little finger pointer'
if gesture == 15:
#Flat Hand - Make all quads invisible
print 'in flat hand'
#if gesture == 16:
#print 'in error message'

pattie 08-26-2006 12:59 PM

Use of 5D Ultra left handed glove
Hey guys:

I just found out why my glove was not responding correctly.

This was a mechanical problem. I realized that the more I use the glove, the more the little cables (one for each finger) that go inside each finger rail gets away from the rail.

I looks like we have to regularly make sure those cables are at all times inserted ALL THE WAY (to the tip of the finger) in each finger rail.

It might make the problem look like the glove is defective, but it is not.

I guess this is just simple glove maintenance!

Now everything is working perfectly.


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