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shivanangel 03-11-2009 06:11 AM

CAVE PPT Tracker Help with Orientation Inversion on Up and Down
Hi everyone,

We recently acquired a CAVE and we have a PPT Tracker system driving our Vizard software.

We have the system set up using the Vizcave information in the help file however we had one small issue.

When the head is moved left or right the scene moves in the opposite direction, as it should.

What we are having an issue with is when the head is moved up the view moves up and when the head is moved down the view is moved down, but this should be the opposite. You should see the floor when the head moves down.

Is there a simple fix for this or could this be an initial calibration issue?

Thank You for your time once again,
George Lecakes

shivanangel 03-11-2009 06:13 AM

I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum, but I couldn't decide if it was a PPT issue for a VizCave issue.

Thanks again,

shivanangel 03-11-2009 08:24 AM

I was able to get things working correctly, it seems that if I had any viz.MainView transforms in my code it would seriously mess with how the CaveEyes worked and in my case somehow inverted the up and down direction.

I did have another question though, we are working with the folks from Mechdyne with getting our CAVE working and we ran into the issue of Vizard flipping the eyes during stereo mode whenever we ran a demo.

I tried inverting the interpupilary distance and that seems (not completely sure) to have fixed the problem.

The Mechdyne folks manually synched the glasses to the projectors correctly, it just seemed to be a problem with Vizard swapping the views.

Could you recommend any simple commands, or will the solution of just negating the interpupilary distance work?

Thank You,

farshizzo 03-11-2009 09:14 PM

Negating the IPD should swap the left/right eyes, but you shouldn't have to do this. Are you sure you applying the correct PPT sensors as the left/right eye trackers of the vizcave object? It could be possible that you have accidentally swapped the sensors when passing them into the vizcave module.

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