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vadrian 11-05-2004 01:40 PM

hey, so i'm playing with the vizinfo class with the hopes of using it for posting questions/surveys to a user/subject in the VE. here are some questions/comments

first, a BUG: when I set the title to nothing ("") there is a little gap in the border. i can solve this with a simple 2-line adjustment (which should be added into the code base):
if mesg == '':

now the questions:

is there a way to move the expand/collapse vizard logo (or "vizard guy") to another corner? like the top left?

is there a way to get the dimensions of the box so I can translate it according to its center?

is there a way to add other elements into the box and have it automatically resize, expand, collapse, move, etc? I want to be able to put sliders, checkboxes (other than the "vizard guy")

is there documentation on it that I'm just missing (its not in the command reference)?

i think you get the idea of what i'm getting at. thanks.


farshizzo 11-05-2004 02:40 PM


Thanks for pointing out the bug. The vizinfo class was originally created to display information to the user for our example scripts. As you can tell, all the code for it is self contained in the class. Feel free to modify it however you want. It currently doesn't support the features you are asking for, and there is no documentation on it. If you look at the code you can quickly see all the available commands.

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