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JvdBosch 04-18-2012 02:19 AM

Shared Project: vizShadow
Hi Vizard programmers!

As Vizard does not have an implementation of osgShadow I have started a SourceForge project to develop one. Please join in and hopefully by combined effort we can get it to work. Maybe WorldViz' own developers will pitch in too.

I modified a standard Extension project, added a MyShadow implementation and a example python script. At the moment, the shadow is added as a scene, some children are added to it though Vizard, but no shadow is visible. A printout of all the OSG children of the ShadowScene node reveals that there are no nodes present, even though Vizard shows them as Vizard Children.

The code can be improved a great deal (for instance, I kept all the other functions of the extension module intact), but that's where you might come in! Please join in so we can develop a great and usable shadow module for us all to use!

You can find the project here: Sourceforge

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