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seowen1 04-23-2018 07:55 AM

Vizconnect selection not working in EXE
Hi there,

I have a project where I would like to be able to select the vizconnect configuration file and run the correct platform based on user input. For instance, if the user is running with Oculus, they would select "OCULUS" from a dropdown menu and it would configure the trackers, displays etc.

Here's the code I have:


#Choose a Vizconnect and GO
platform = ['DESKTOP', 'VIVE', 'OCULUS']
choice = viz.choose("Choose a vizconnect: ", platform)
vizChoices = ['','', '']

This works fine when running on the script through testing... but as soon as I try to publish this it breaks for the platforms that it was not run on to test. For instance, if I publish and run selecting "DESKTOP" mode, the resulting EXE will only work for desktop mode.

My first thought was that I need to make sure the export settings are pulling in the other vizconnect_config files that weren't being used. So I did that. Still nothing.

My next thought was that it wasn't importing the proper dependencies that those vizconfig files relied on (i.e. import steamvr, import oculus), so I added those to the export. Still nothing.

I'm a bit lost here. Any help on how to achieve this?

seowen1 04-23-2018 09:02 AM


I needed to import the steamvr.dle and the oculus.dle from the Vizard program files folder.

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