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sled 06-23-2003 07:42 AM

problem with Tk
Thanks a lot for your kindly help.

Since I can't find the GUI tools in vizard,Last week I downloaded
python and add the vizard paths in pythonwin following your document in FAQ, your viz files work properly in pythonwin.

Then I made a GUI by the Tk , it worked properly in pythonwin too, but unfortunately, when I related the GUI with your viz files, there are some problems,it looks like that your viz environment has some collision with the Tkinter. or I need to set some environment variables. hope to get your help again.

By the way , can I add the Tk tools in vizard without download the full python.

Best Wishes!

farshizzo 06-23-2003 11:29 AM


I just created a post called "Tk with Vizard". I would appreciate it if you could try to get it working with your computer and tell me if you experience any problems. Thanks,

-- Farshid

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