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jkelly 06-22-2003 12:51 PM

i can't find the command to present html in vizard, can you help?


mspusch 06-22-2003 02:44 PM

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HTML support is a recently added feature and will soon be documented better.

import viz

will display the file 'vizhelp.html' located in the same directory (see in attached zip folder).

Currently the F1 key triggers the loading of an HTML page called vizhelp.html which must be located in the directory where the Vizard script is executed. The demo pack uses this feature for documentation and F1 brings up an explanation for every demo. We'll soon post a more detailed description of the HTML features.

At VSS we have used the Vizard HTML and Vizard TCP/IP networking features to use a Laptop for showing HTML help pages. The Laptop was connected over a standard wireless card. This way it is possible to easily connect and coordinate different computers.

I'll attach the files we used for doing this. In the demo file (I attached the demo 'Structure from motion' as an example), the lines

import Watcher
watch = Watcher.Watch(8)

were used to load the program watcher and pass on the demo number. Watcher was then generating and sending the message that triggers other computers on the network which are running the Vizard program to show the right HTML help file.

Check it out!


farshizzo 06-23-2003 11:53 AM


Here's a quick command reference for displaying html files:

viz.displayHTML(filename) will display the specified html file
viz.hideHTML() will hide the html window

The F1 key will toggle displaying 'vizhelp.html' in the script directory. The idea behind this is that you can put a file 'vizhelp.html' in the directory of any script and the user can press F1 to display information about the current program.

-- Farshid

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