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Sphinx 06-19-2018 06:06 PM

Vizard 4/Use of python external libraries

The company i work at has the license of vizard 4. I want to use standard python libraries such as numpy however the package manager fails to add them and displays this message:

Downloading/unpacking numpy
Cannot fetch index base URL
Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement numpy
No distributions at all found for numpy
Storing complete log in C:\Users\(rest of the path)

I did not install another python on the PC (only what comes with vizard). According to my internet research it is because the "http" is now "https" and therefore I should upgrade the pip. I tried to do that by using the pip in the Scripts folders but nothing happened.

Hope I am clear and thank you for your help.

Jeff 06-27-2018 10:20 AM

Some of the older versions of numpy (e.g. 1.9.2) on the sourceforge numpy downloads page include a win32 python 2.7 executable version of the installer. Once you run a compatible installer it should automatically find Vizard 4's python installation.

Sphinx 06-27-2018 03:39 PM

It works, thank you.

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