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tokola 09-20-2016 05:44 PM

Transformation problem with FBX from Maya
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I am working with a colleague and get FBX models created in Maya, then open them in 3DS and export them to osgb/ive. I've come across this very irritating issue that the transformation/rotation of an object is off, as soon as I do something with it (in my case I'm copying it to create multiple instances). I am specifically trying to multiply an animation created in Maya (see attached FBX).

I used the RestXForm option in 3DS, which rotates the object to the position/orientation that appears in Vizard as soon as I copy it (I'm assuming due to the swapped Z/Y axes between the two packages). How can I permanently reset the transform without actually affecting the object, so it appears correctly in Vizard? (I've tried insertGroupBelow/Above with no success and also switching the axes in Maya).

Jeff 09-20-2016 09:40 PM

Take a look at the Cleaning up FBX imports article. Let us know if you're still having an issue after going through the instructions there and we'll follow up.

tokola 09-21-2016 10:38 AM

That's what I followed to do the ResetXForm, but I applied it only on the problematic animation node, since this was an addition to my existing model. I assume there's no way to make selective alterations like that, but you rather have to follow the instructions for everything in the scene?

I would like to know, though, what is happening during copy() that creates the problem, so I can correct/avoid it in the future. Why isn't there a problem when I first add the new model (Maya FBX->Max IVE) to an existing object in Vizard and as soon as I copy the node it goes in -seemingly- random positions?

Veleno 09-23-2016 05:48 PM

Hi Tokola,

ResetXForm usually works well to flatten transforms, but doesn't play nicely with hierarchies. Normally this isn't an issue because you can just unlink, reset, then relink, but animations are especially touchy because even unlinking them without any resets can throw things off.

I'd recommend checking on scriptspot to see if there is a script that will make a clean version, but otherwise you may be stuck having to reproduce the animation with a path constraint within Max.

I also noticed that the scaling on the root group node is "39.37%" which looks like a imperial/metric conversion factor (1 cm = ~0.3937 in) so it may help to make sure both maya and max are using the same system unit for their models.

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